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The 7th International Meeting of the Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center!


Welcome to the 7th international meeting of the Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center (IBBRC) at the University of Haifa. This year’s program focuses on Developmental Psychopathology, as emerging scientific perspective that reflects the goals of our research center. The Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center promotes original research, both basic and clinical, towards understanding the neural basis of behavior, particularly the causes, phenomenology, mechanisms, and treatment of psychopathologies. The center brings together investigators and students from different areas of research, with the aim of encouraging interdisciplinary and translational brain and behavior research. We are excited to welcome a diverse set of speakers for this year’s meeting covering many important research topics relevant to developmental psychopathology. The program reflects a multi-level approach to studying development and psychopathology, ranging from molecular to complex psychological behavior in both animal and human models. The meeting will include 3 keynote talks, 8 symposiums, each featuring 4 presentations, a data blitz session and a wine and dine poster session. In addition to the planned presentations, we have included relatively long breaks between sessions to facilitate discussions and hopefully engender future research collaborations.


We look forward to what promises to be an enriching conference and to meeting and interacting with all of the international and local attendees.


Best wishes,


Tomer Shechner & Gal Richter-Levin, Program chairs


Registration for the 7th International Meeting of the Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center! -"On the theme of Developmental psychopathology" is now open. 


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