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Abstracts of oral presentations

Roee Admon (Harvard Medical School) - Inducing positive and negative affective states via social interactions.

Irit Akirav (Haifa University) - Cannabinoids modulation of memory and plasticity after stress.

Yaniv Assaf (Tel-Aviv University) – The temporal and spatial dynamics of rapid structural plasticity.

Moshe Bar (Bar-Ilan University) - Lasting primacy in the proactive brain: A hypothesis.

Tali Bitan (Haifa University) - Effect of sleep in learning a novel language in children and adults.

Christian Büchel (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf) – The neural basis of fear generalization in humans.

Nitzan Censor (Tel-Aviv University) - Neuromodulation of existing human procedural memories: A gateway to understanding learning and forgetting dynamics.

Elisa Ciaramelli (University of Bologna) The role of medial prefrontal cortex in mind-wandering: lesion studies.

Lior Cohen (University of Haifa) - Cortical synaptic plasticity during the reproductive cycle.

Ruth Feldman (Bar-Ilan University) - The human parental brain as a blueprint for social neuroscience.

Valeria Gazzola (University of Amsterdam) - The neural bases of empathy.

Inna Gaisler-Salomon (University of Haifa) Glutamate dehydrogenase-deficient mice: a mouse model of schizophrenia-like phenotypes.

Avi Goldstein (Bar-Ilan University) - Does charisma synchronize followers’ brains? A MEG Study.

Yulia Golland (IDC) - Studying emotions in time and across people.

Yonatan Goshen-Gottstein (Tel-Aviv University) - Recollective and non-recollective processes in the retrieval dynamics of free recall.

Valery Grinevich (University of Heidelberg) - Central oxytocin pathways:  fear and sociality.

Jeremy Hall (University of Edinburgh) - Genetic risk for schizophrenia, plasticity and emotional learning.

Shihui Han (University of Pekin) - Mortality threat enhances in-group bias in empathic neural responses.

Talma Hendler (Tel-Aviv University)- Neuroepigentic markers of slow recovery from acute social stress.

Hanoch Kaphzan (University of Haifa)  - Novel homeostatic mechanisms in a mice model of Angelman syndrome, clinical implications for autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Avi Karni (University of Haifa) – "How to" memory after learning from observation and from actual performance.

Ehud Klein (Technion) - The interplay between traumatic brain injury and PTSD, a focus on memory for the traumatic event.

Asher Koriat (University of Haifa) - Social conformity and group decisions: Insights from research on subjective confidence.

Claus Lamm (University of Viena) - Understanding empathy - advancing from neural correlates to neural mechanism.

Rafi Lamprecht (University of Haifa) The roles of actin cytoskeleton and its regulatory proteins in memory formation.

Jonathan Lee (University of Birmingham) - Strengthening hippocampal contextual fear memories via reconsolidation.

Daniel Levy (IDC) - Neuropsychological investigations of the cortical substrates of episodic remembering.

Einat Levy-Gigi (University of Haifa) - All that glitters is not gold: The role of cognitive flexibility in stress and resilience.

Anat Maril (Hebrew University) – Prior knowledge influences on incidental learning over multiple repetitions.

Mouna Maroun (University of Haifa) - Social interaction and fear extinction: role of oxytocin in the prefrontal cortex.

Elek Molnár (University of Bristol) - Analysis of the expression profile and regional distribution of neurotransmitter receptors and ion channels in the central nervous system using histoblots.

Hadas Okon-Singer (University of Haifa) - Abnormal emotional reaction among individuals at high risk of developing hypertension and possible modification using attentional mechanisms.

Cyriel Pennartz (University of Amsterdam) - Neural dynamics of memory, planning and motivated action.

Yoni Pertzov (Hebrew University) - Forgetting what was where: the cognitive neuropsychological approach.

Mathias Pessiglione (Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, France) - Inter-temporal choice - or how to resist temptation of immediate reward.

Gal Richter-Levin (University of Haifa) - A unique role for the dentate gyrus in forming emotional memories. 

Kobi Rosenblum (University of Haifa) - From molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying cortical-dependent memories to cognitive enhancers.

Daniela Schiller (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) - A map for social navigation in the human brain.

Tom Schonberg (Tel-Aviv University) - The cue-approach task: a novel mechanism of non-reinforced behavioral change.

Yair Shemesh (Weizmann Institute of Science) - Ucn3–CRFR2 in the medial amygdala regulates social approach behavior in mice.

Gal Sheppes (Tel-Aviv University) - The dynamics of cognitive emotion regulation strategies.

Daphna Shohamy (Columbia University) – How Memory Mechanisms in the Hippocampus Guide Value-Based Decisions. 

Giorgia Silani (University of Trieste) - When affect sharing and self-other distinction fail: understanding emotional egocentricity bias (EEB) from a developmental perspective.

Jon Simons (Cambridge University)- The subjective experience of remembering.

Eli Vakil (Bar-Ilan University) - Anticipation measures of sequence learning: Manual versus oculomotor versions of the serial reaction time task.

Kai Vogeley (University of Cologne)- Neural mechanism of intersubjectivity.

Shlomo Wagner (University of Haifa) - The interplay between social arousal and social memory: lessons from the social brain.